Ruud Streefkerk ( 24-1-1948 Amsterdam )
Ruud Streefkerk uses a technique which is practiced by few artists, he paints with oil paint on thoroughly prepared paper.
His paintings are the product of the impressions he gathers on his many travels through Europe.
The paintings consist of an accumulation of numerous small, disconnected, whimsical, colored patches that in their multitude, form landscapes as well as people, animals or buildings.
Sometimes portions of circles or rectangles cut across the image.
These works require an active involvement of the beholder, who is forced to rebuild his own image from the numerous multi-formed colored spots.  Sometimes the paintings, with the standard size of 75 x 100 cm, are combined to form one large panel that may cover an entire wall.
One of his themes is the human figure closely connected with a landscape: the contours of a human figure fade into a forest, a rushing river, a quiet lake or even into the flames of a fire. Landscapes are reversed and converted or combined in surprising ways. In the recent work small animals: insects, birds, amphibians or reptiles are enlarged to an immense size.
Digital processedphotography
Photographs taken on his journeys form the basis of these works.
This material is processed on the computer in various ways, to create puzzling and intriguing images.
 In 2009, Streefkerk initiated the project ‘ the Artwork of the week’, which implies that once a week one of the digital photographs is mailed to friends and people interested in his work. Subscribers of this project pay minimal costs, an amount of € 4 per month or € 40 per year. For that amount one becomes `friend of the Artwork of the week’. The ‘friends’ also profit of a discount when purchasing one of the artworks (the paintings as well as the digitally processed photographs), for instance during the ‘Beemster Kunstroute’ (Beemster Studio Tour) each year in the Easter weekend, or on Open Dag (every year on Ascension day), or during the Open Studio days in November.